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Flat Tire-My Most Embarrassing Moments,Unbelievable, I’m Shocked

I am pretty handy and resourceful but I have to admit my recent most embarrassing moments. Although I’ve had many flat tires in the past, I was surprised and shocked at how little I knew about my new Nissan Leaf.

This is the story: our new Nissan Leaf (a newly leased car) got a flat tire in the middle of a parking lot. So, not the first time, just calmly figure out what to do, right? But then I noticed both left and right had earth moving equipment moving in. and realized that the parking lot was going through construction and renovation. Now I was under pressure just to move the car to somewhere else. Still, not a big deal, just a flat tire, right? Wrong again. Now I am sharing my mistakes with you so that you do not have to make the same ones. Certainly I wish someone told me this (before my flat tire accident).

I am grateful to the construction team, if you are watching and smiling, who did not bulldoze or even tow my car, and in fact were both patient and helpful.:]

Flat Tire
Dealer Expensive
Part Number: 997901NM4D
local dealer
Flat Tire Repair Kit
repair small hole
Call Nissan Roadside Assistance
Only tow to dealer
off hours towing
Tire not in stock
Nissan/Infiniti 5-lug Spare Tire
Nissan Compact Tire
Brake lock
Nissan Full Tire With Rim
Leased Car
Nissan Leaf

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Rotate Tires Without Any Special Tools

Rotate Tires Without Any Special Tools

How do you Rotate Tires Without Any (extra) Special Tools. Depending on what kind of tools you own, tire rotation is not a difficult job. Many people have jack stands or pneumatic jack. But what if you don’t have any special tools?

You have to use something, just not to use special tool. I define the “special” tool as anything that does not come with the car. I assume your car comes with one jack and one compact spare tire. Some cars do not recommend tire rotation such as some BMW, they even do not provide spare tires (run-flat tires), the car does not come with jack either, so this video is not for you if that is the case.