Flat Tire-My Most Embarrassing Moments,Unbelievable, I’m Shocked

I am pretty handy and resourceful but I have to admit my recent most embarrassing moments. Although I’ve had many flat tires in the past, I was surprised and shocked at how little I knew about my new Nissan Leaf.

This is the story: our new Nissan Leaf (a newly leased car) got a flat tire in the middle of a parking lot. So, not the first time, just calmly figure out what to do, right? But then I noticed both left and right had earth moving equipment moving in. and realized that the parking lot was going through construction and renovation. Now I was under pressure just to move the car to somewhere else. Still, not a big deal, just a flat tire, right? Wrong again. Now I am sharing my mistakes with you so that you do not have to make the same ones. Certainly I wish someone told me this (before my flat tire accident).

I am grateful to the construction team, if you are watching and smiling, who did not bulldoze or even tow my car, and in fact were both patient and helpful.:]

Flat Tire
Dealer Expensive
Part Number: 997901NM4D
local dealer
Flat Tire Repair Kit
repair small hole
Call Nissan Roadside Assistance
Only tow to dealer
off hours towing
Tire not in stock
Nissan/Infiniti 5-lug Spare Tire
Nissan Compact Tire
Brake lock
Nissan Full Tire With Rim
Leased Car
Nissan Leaf

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