How To Repair Auto Body Puncture & Dent |Cheap and Easy


There are two issues with fixing an auto body: one is leveling or feathering, the other is painting. For leveling, we will show you methods you can use to restore the shape of the panel when you have a gradual bend and a hard bend. For painting, please check my other video for painting as this video is about fixing the punctured car body.

In summary, at the minimum we have shown that you can save $200 on labor costs even if you decide to let a body shop to complete the job. If the bumper is made of fiberglass, then I will need to use Bondo Mat and epoxy to reinforce from the back of the fiberglass. However my bumper is not fiberglass, it is a much softer material. If I glue two different materials together, it is possible it will have the opposite effect, making the crack open more. So I am going to weld the plastic crack. I will show you how you can use a soldering iron to weld it.

To maximize your savings, you may also need to watch these two videos:
If you want to paint the panel, check out this video:

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