Easiest Way To Change Lexus ES350 Oil and Filter

This is easiest way to change engine oil and filter for a Lexus ES350. The example used here is a 2014 model year car. We begin with the kind of tools needed, and proceed to replacing the canister type oil filter. And then I will demo a method for easy oil extraction and focus on the most important aspect of the oil extraction: how to speed up the oil extraction time. If you don’t use oil extraction, you may simply use traditional way to drain the oil through the oil plug. Finally I will show you how to reset the maintenance light.

If you are interested in just watching how to change the canister type oil filter, you may watch this video: https://youtu.be/C074os54sQM

Lexus ES350
Lexus ES350 2014
Oil Filter Wrench
Oil Change
Engine Oil Change
Motor Oil
Engine oil extraction
cartridge oil filter
cartridge style
canister style
spin-on filters

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