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Idle Speed Fluctuates & Many Possible Reasons

Idle Speed Fluctuates & Many Possible Reasons.

Idle Speed Fluctuates & Many Ways to Fix It.
This is for Honda Accord 2003-2011.
There are many reasons your Honda’s idle speed fluctuates. I had to perform many different tests. I have success and failures. But eventually I fixed the problem or problems. By watching my video, hope it can save you the time and money.

Replace Different Car Battery

Replace Original Car Battery With A Different One

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I usually go by the book when replacing car parts. But recently I replaced a car battery with a different size. I decided it is OK, except you need to pay attention about:
1. which side are the two terminals on?
2. Is positive closer to the left or right?
3. is the cable too short?
4. what about enclosures?

Easy Headlight Bulb Replacement

Easy Car Headlight Bulb Replacement Without Removing Fender

Honda Owner’s Manual says turning the wheel and removing fender. I did not follow the manual and yet it was easier replacement. The car in this video is a Honda Accord 2004, but many cars may be similar to this one.
The Owner’s Manual pages are scanned here: