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How To Change Manual Transmission Fluid

How To Change Manual Transmission Fluid Honda Accord. This is a Honda Accord 2004, manual transmission.
First the manual transmission does not have the dipstick for you to pour the fluid in.
Secondly, you need to find the fill bolt and drain plug.
Third, the car need to be on flat surface while you are filling the fluid.

Clean Idle Air Control Valve & Throttle With Minimum Removal

How do you Clean Idle Air Control Valve & Throttle for Honda Accord without removing a lot of parts?

This is for a Honda Accord 2005 and earlier, 4 cylinder engine (my is 2004 Accord). It saves time without removing a lot of parts that the book suggest to remove, but you need to pay attention for a couple of things. You also need to perform the PCM re-learn procedure

My car’s problem started with the idle speed fluctuation see After I replaced the coolant see, it run perfectly for a week until the problem came back see I then fixed the radiator cap problem, it run perfectly for another week. Now after I cleaned the throttle & IAC valve, the car run perfectly again.

Replace Coolant Honda Accord

How to Replace Coolant For Honda Accord. This is for Honda Accord 2003-2011.

Flushing coolant is a pretty easy job until the result is unexpected. I fixed the idle speed fluctuation by replacing the coolant. But one week late problem came back. The coolant hoses collapsed (strange looking hoses!). What do you do then? Eventually I fixed the problem. By watching my video, hope it can save you the time and money.
If you want to know how I made a bulb syringe at no cost, watch this video: