3 Key Factors To Speed Up Oil Extraction-Engine Oil Change

If you use the method of oil extraction, one big concern is the long time to complete the engine oil change. I will share with you 3 key factors to speed up your oil extraction as well other tips to make the engine oil change easier.

The most difficult DIY oil change is getting underneath the car to drain the old oil, and most people hate sliding under the car and getting their hands covered with dirty oil. Also, wrestling with a stubborn drain plug bolt is a common problem and risks damaging the oil plug. Now these are no longer issues, and I also make the DIY super cheap (it’s free) and fast! Please share it with your friends.

Oil extraction additionally has advantages if your oil filter is mounted on the top, and it removes the possibility of removing the drain plug only to have hot oil gush onto your hand. We think the oil extractor makes the operation easy, but if you do decide to do the traditional way, we have a different video to make it a little easier for you: https://youtu.be/S0Ndn4rdBMg Maybe some people will still do the old-fashioned way, but I hope this method will enable other people who otherwise would not DIY.

Some people may question the advantages of this method. You may not get all the oil out, you may not remove all the debris out etc. The counter argument is: but the oil filter will hold most of the debris. The oil is changed hot which means the debris doesn’t really have time to settle. Plus no matter what you do , there is still oil left in the engine, oil left in the pan. What do you think? Is draining better? Do you get most oil out? Does 2 cups of oil left in the engine really matter? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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