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Clean Idle Air Control Valve & Throttle With Minimum Removal

How do you Clean Idle Air Control Valve & Throttle for Honda Accord without removing a lot of parts?

This is for a Honda Accord 2005 and earlier, 4 cylinder engine (my is 2004 Accord). It saves time without removing a lot of parts that the book suggest to remove, but you need to pay attention for a couple of things. You also need to perform the PCM re-learn procedure http://youtu.be/K8VfHkMmeZA

My car’s problem started with the idle speed fluctuation see http://youtu.be/8oJyRHaqksM. After I replaced the coolant see http://youtu.be/JBScaIJ_6Os, it run perfectly for a week until the problem came back see http://youtu.be/UCzxLBn6o9A. I then fixed the radiator cap problem, it run perfectly for another week. Now after I cleaned the throttle & IAC valve, the car run perfectly again.