SmartKey Fob Battery Dies– How To Enter Car, Start Engine, or Replace Battery

Did you know that when your SmartKey Fob battery dies, you still can enter your vehicle and start the engine? After I got a “key not found” message, I started the experiments shown in this video so that I can know whether I still can drive the car even if the battery is dead. I will explain how the auto keyless system works and I will also show you how to replace the battery if you choose to.

The example used in this video is a Nissan Leaf 2015. However many cars use the same system. It could be called SmartKeys, Keyless Entry, Keyless Go, Keyless Access, or Passive Entry system.

Fob battery dies
dead battery
weak battery
Keyless Entry
Keyless Go
Keyless Access
Passive Keyless Entry
Battery Dies
Enter vehicle
Start Engine
Replace Battery
Nissan Leaf

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