Change Transmission Fluid Caravan

Change Transmission Fluid Caravan Part 1

This is Part 1 of Change Transmission Fluid for Caravan. You need: trans kits: filter and gasket; 10-mm wrench. You may use compressor to push fluid out more completely (or make less mess). If mallet can not knock the pan off, use screw driver, but be careful not to damage the pan/seal with the screw driver. Buy the gasket with 14 small holes, since with small holes, the screws can hold the gasket naturally.

Change Transmission Fluid Caravan Part 2

Just wanted to add one more thing: how to use air to push the fluid out of the transmission.


Change Transmission Fluid Caravan Part 3

How to put the pan back, how to refill the fluid


Dodge Caravan — How to Turn stuck Ignition Key

Dodge Caravan — How to Turn “stuck” Ignition Key

This is a strange problem

Welcome to
This is a very unique and strange solution, but it works!
At the beginning, I called AAA to tow the car when the key is stuck. The AAA person could not solve this problem. But I am going to share with you this simple, easy, free solution.
This video will explain how to turn the ignition key on a Dodge Caravan 1996-2000 if it gets stuck.


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