EV Charger Experiment Gone Wrong-Emergency Stop Red Button

I am very sorry that the next user will see the non-functioning charger after my experiment. This experiment is based on 2 suggestions I read from a forum that if someone before you pressed the red button emergency stop, you can reset it by:
1. If you come up to the charger and it’s “down” because someone has done the above, just hold the “stop” button (NOT the Emergency Stop button, but the one labeled stop below the one labeled start) for a few seconds for it to reset.

2. Often times, you can “reset” a charger by pressing and holding the green start and red stop buttons together. Keep them pressed, and the charger software will reset, unless it has certain error codes. This has worked for me at eVgo Nissan-made DC fast chargers.

Well, I did both but neither worked, instead I messed up for the next person. So what did I do wrong? What is the correct procedure?

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