Is Bosch Oxygen Sensor Installation Video Correct?

Is Bosch Oxygen Sensor Installation Video Correct?

Bosch is a big company. In its youtube installation video dated Aug 8, 2012 it showed animation of air flow along electrical wires with the instruction: “It is critical to understand that in order for the oxygen sensor to work properly air must be drawn into the sensor through the connecting wires. Therefore you must not solder the wires together. Doing so will result in a malfunctioning sensor.” Is Bosch correct? It is more than a year and the video has more than 10k views, but no one has pointed out the mistake, or is it me who is making a mistake?

Either this $56 sensor is the invention of the century or that animation of blue air is 200% wrong!

Please, please leave your comments below because I am trying to replacing the oxygen sensor on my car. Let’s see whether internet can bring the truth to light.