5 Mistakes Made at Various EV Charging Stations

I will share with you 5 mistakes I made at various charging stations. You may feel embarrassed if there are people around, but you should be grateful if there is someone around the station who can explain things to you. When there was no one around, I had to spent a long time to figure things out myself.

1. For the evGo fast charger, pay attention to the tricky lever to unplug. I did not read the instructions, could not unplug it, it was my fault.

2. For the Clipper Creek charger, make sure you follow the correct order and sequence. There was no instruction on how to use it, you have to use trial and error, I was lucky someone explained it to me.

3. For the Blink faster charger, the charger itself was faulty, it was my first time and I was not familiar with the charger, there was no one to ask for help, so I wasted a lot of time to experiment on how to get it working. When I tried a second charger, the unit was not faulty, it was pretty easy. You only need to pay attention to how to latch it and how to unplug it.

I hope by sharing my mistakes, this video can save you time and frustration. Happy charging.

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